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Castro made a mistake he can’t take back.


And now he’s hiding in the shadows, waiting for his fate to find him.


A fate named Layla.

(continued below)


After her storied career of demon hunting lurched to a painful halt, Layla finds herself fresh in a new job as a monster exterminator. Sent to kill Castro, the Lizardman lurking in a farmhouse basement, what she encounters is a monster who isn’t so monstrous after all. In fact, Layla finds herself inexplicably drawn to Castro’s expanse of scaled muscle and his golden, reptilian eyes, and more than anything to his loneliness… his inexperience.


A few hours of passion may be enough to convince Castro that he’s found his mate. But will it be enough to convince Layla not to kill him?


Exterminatrix is a monster romance novella intended for an adult audience. For a list of potentially triggering content, please see the Content Warnings page.

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