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A Queen of Broken Realms


Lu promised herself she would never go back to the Shadow Realm, but the fates have other plans. Ashen has forfeited his rule to crown Lu the Queen of the Reapers, and now she has the power to remake the realm of the demons, to bring back merciful justice to the land where souls suffer in eternal servitude and violence lurks in the twilight fog. But not everyone is on board with the new change in leadership to a vampire queen, and following the torture and trauma of her last visit to the Shadow Realm, Lu isn’t thrilled about it either.


Trouble is, there are worse creatures than the dangerous demons whose flaming eyes follow her through their realm of darkness.

(continued below)


Lu’s enemies aren’t just lurking in the shadows. They’re beating down her door.


When Lu and Ashen are attacked in the Shadow Realm, the secret goals of the Nephilim begin to surface like creatures of the deep, dragging everyone’s ancient history with them as they rise. And if the Nephilim succeed, they will seize the ultimate power to rebuild the realms to their own design. Their reach and might is greater than anyone anticipated. And unless Lu can conquer not only her own fears but the distrust that immortals hold against one another, the Nephilim will win the new war.


Secrets have sharp edges in the Shadow Realm. Love can be a lethal poison. And Lu must never forget… No betrayal is worse than when it’s delivered by the hand of someone you love. ​


This is a DARK ROMANCE intended for an 18+ audience. For a list of potentially triggering content, please see the Content Warnings page.

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